Matchless Dyes is solution for a wide variety of dyes, pigments and colorants.

Matchless Dyes, Pigments and Colorants

Matchless Dyes is your single source solution for a wide variety of dyes, pigments, colorants, commodity and specialty chemicals. Matchless is a Dye and Pigment supplier serving the Pacific Northwest. Matchless Dyes is located in Portland, Oregon. Matchless's technical staff of Dyes, Pigment and colorant specialists offer a full range of colorants not readily available in local markets. Whether you need a common Dye or Pigment or you need a complex Dye or Pigment, we can provide the colorant at a competitive price.

Our constantly expanding distribution agreements with leading multi-national chemical manufacturers provides Matchless with an extensive product line of specialty and commodity chemicals to offer our customers at a competitive price. Matchless Dyes is a major suppliers of acid dyes, direct dyes, water Based Dyes, water Soluble Dyes, Basic Dyes, Disperse Dyes, Reactive dyes, and Natural Dyes. Matchless Dyes is a supplier of agriculture dyes, seed dyes, fertilizers dyes, and pond dyes.

Matchless continues to add complimentary services for our customers to assist in all aspects of their business. These services include technical support in creating initial product formulations, lab R&D, toll manufacturing, packaging solutions, and waste disposal.

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Matchless Dyes and Pigments